Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lake Taupo


we leave our cozy little nest and free internet and head for Taupo. we planned to do a sky dive in the afternoon but it was to be determined by the weather.

we turned up and decided which jumps we wanted to partake in. Tanya went for the 12k with DVD and photo's, where as I opted for the 15k jump, which requires oxygen!

we waited for about an hour before it was called off due to cloudy weather. booked in for 8:10am tomorrow.

so that the day wasnt totally wasted, we went to see the Huka falls - which wasnt really that spectacular. also went to craters on the moon nature park. this was more impressive. an area filled with loads of craters with hot steam coming out of them. looked like an alien world.there were a few mud ones as well.

decided on a quiet one this evening, ready for tomorrow. so we played scrabble and then hit the hay!


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