Friday, December 09, 2005

off to wellington


we boarded the ferry to wellington today. mush like a day trip to france actually. went down the same stretch of water from the day before and even saw the dolphins again.

i couldnt believe how busy it was when we got to wellington. Tall buildings, traffic, organised chaos - I just wanted to turn back! I was getting used to all these rural villages.

Had a look round after checking into the hostel. just seems to be so busy and hectic.

As hostel was a little skanky, we decided to eat out. went to an asian foodcourt and had 2 meals plus drinks for $20. we then went to a licensed coffee shoo and I had a couple of henikein and tanya had her mocha fix. also had our charactuers drawn as well!

we then went to the cinema and saw lion, witch and the wardrobe which was pretty good.


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