Thursday, December 08, 2005



drove to picton today. another tiny town, which is quite surprising considering its the gateway to wellington. had a nice coffee before checking into hostel.

after lunch, we went on the cruise down the Queen Charlotte sound. Not as good or scenic as Milford sound but there was the added bonus of the dolphins, known as dusky dolphins. We followed a pod of about 6-8 as they kept sufacing to the top for air. a couple even did a bit of show jumping for us! I think Tanya really loved it as it been one of the major things she wanted to do whilst travelling (as well as cuddling a koala).

we also did a bush walk and learnt a bit about the area and environment. in total, it was about 4 hours which was very pleasant.

in the eve, we watched a doco on an english women who was a body builder - YUK! Then we watched when harry met sally.


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