Friday, November 18, 2005



the weather picked up a bit today. it was around 18 degrees and the sun was out. we had our customary look round.

had a look down one of the main shopping streets and then got our flight tickets changed. only gonna be in tahiti for 2 hours now!

we then headed for the cathedral square. this is where it all goes on. ok, its not quite sydney or melbourne but it was nice enough. took a few pics, then had a look round the market, the catherdral and the are gallery. a $40 million complex aparently. saw some interesting korean modern art as well as some 18th/19th century contemporary art.

went to the botanic gardens (must get this from their ozzie cousins) and sat with some pleasant ducks!

after dinner we met up with tanya's friend, anna, who has been travelling here for a few weeks. went our for a few bevvies and had a good catch up....


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