Sunday, November 13, 2005

biltong heaven


had a nice lie in this morning. a little hungover from last night, we headed to queen victoria market. tanya was after some trainers. after about an hour or so she finally found some she liked.

the best is to come.... we looked around the food part and after 5 months of searching, i finally found some biltong for sale. i couldnt believe it. xmas come early. tanya bought some stuffed goats cheese, so she was in heaven too. we rushed back home and ate our gourmet lunch, and that was after we had the 3 doughnuts each!

stuffed as pigs, we headed towards the botanic gardens for a little look. turned out to be a nice sunday afternoon stroll. this country is obsessed by botanic gardens, but its a nice addition to any city.

we watched a movie - running man - back at the hostel. a classic......

an early night as we get to go to the place which is the reason we came to oz....RAMSAY STREET. After almost 20 yrs, we finally get to meet the stars and walk on the hallow turf.....


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