Thursday, November 10, 2005

where the streets have no.... sign posts


got ourselves into town and decided to take the lonely planets advice and walk the parliement triangle. oh boy, what a mistake. despite the fact that we almost walked 10km, there were no sign posts, no street names, and sometimes no pavements. things between me and tanya were pretty heated all morning.

after getting only close to the parliment building, we had some lunch and went to the national gsllery. saw some interesting pieces including work from andy warhol, monet and picaso amongt many others.

after that, we walked to the war memorial - knackard at this point - only to find that it was just about to close. we made the last call though, which was quite special.

back to town and we had a coffee to build up our energy.

had dinner at the hostel and watched an interesting documentry by the same guy that did super size me. something about a christian living with a muslim family for 30 days.

got another snooring bloke in our room this eve.....god help us


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