Saturday, November 05, 2005

which newcastle?


What a god awful day. now, we were confused. we may as well been in newcastle in england, because it was grey and raining all day and very hard.. didnt leave us with many options.

we had a bit of a lie in, and then hung around for a bit. thrashed tanya again at chess, and watched a bit of TV.

After the rain had calmed, we decided to have a look round for the hell of it. we walked into the town centre, but in all honesty, there wasnt much there!

after lunch, we decided to have a look at the beach, even though there was no sun! to our surprise, there were people out surfing, making the most of the waves. also, further on, there were 4 wedding parties having their pictures taken. i felt pretty bad for them as the weather was so awful. this didnt deter tanya thought, and she was in awe of all the wedding dresses and bridesmaids....GREAT!

We watched panic room that eve in the massive lounge and then headed for an early night. a bit of a wasted day really.


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