Sunday, November 06, 2005

i was very, very drunk........


with the weather taking a turn for the better, we hit the hunter valley region and the wine tasting tour. all started well, as we sipped our 1st chardonnay at around 10am.... we learnt all about the different names, but we were just interested in what they tasted like.

we were offered a spit bowl, but that was never gonna happen now was it!

swiftly off to the 2nd winery, and here there were even more wines to try. from sweet white, to aged oak red. also had a sip of port, which me and tanya are acquiring a taste for!

we then hit our 3rd winery, where we were given chilli shots and also a white chocolate liquieur.... not in the same glass mind you.......

after lunch, we went to an olive shop, where they have all sorts of salad dressings and dips. tanya was in heaven here. she must have tried one of each and there were at least 50.

another wine tasting and also some cheese as well. well, tanya thought she had died and gone to heaven. all she needed now was free tea, and that would be it!

when we got back, we were a little squiffy, but the wine just made us tired. we had a walk down the main forshore, where we stopped by a pub for a quick beer! the flies here are awful. hundreds of them just flying round your face and landing on your face..... we were put off and headed back home.

in the eve, we had a free meal at a local irish bar, a few more beers with our fellow hostel members, and a rowdy local resident from new zealand. he hated the english, and when tanya asked why, he spouted something about his dead ancestors from 150 years ago and the great potatoe famine in this point, we left. a man with a 150 yr old grudge - how sad.


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