Saturday, November 12, 2005

a european city


Got up after about 2.5 hours sleep and made arrangements to stay at another hostel. the reception at this hostel was supposed to open at 8.30am but no-one turned up. so at 9.10 we just left and i left a rather angry note! - if you pay cheap you get cheap!

the new hostel is right in town and is actually geared for backpackers. this place is $70 a night but what price is worth a good nights sleep!

we went out for brekkie and was pleasantly surprised by the number of cafe's and coffee shops. especially down the litte side streets. reminded me of amsterdam a bit.

we took a walk round and took in the city and atmosphere. after getting some shopping in, we went to a car rental place to get some wheels for weds and the great ocean road. almost went for a BMW Z4 convertable - only $175 but you dont get many gallons to the dollar in one of those! so we went for a hyundai instead.

in the eve, we went to the bar downstairs where they were doing salsa lessons. we were too late for the lessons but they had a live band which we listened to for a couple of hours. we then went to another bar for a bit of a boogie and bumped into one of lee's friends. weird, as when lee was in melbourne, he bumped into one of my friends.....small world.


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