Wednesday, November 16, 2005

great ocean road


another stupid o'clock rise for our day on the great ocean road. got an upgrade on the car, as they didnt have any small ones left. after driving an hour or so we stopped at a place called torquay. much like its namesake in england, there wasnt much there.

belles beach was next. this was meant to be featured in the film point break, so its pretty famous round these parts.

we then went to a waterfall just outside lorne. very pretty and very green! we stopped for lunch at a place called apollo bay. very nice little surfers town and could have stayed here overnight if the plans went that way.

from there we took in the 12 apolstles, london bridge, the arch and the loard arch gorge. each pretty amazing in their own right. the colours and shapes were so unique and the way that the waves crashed against them showed how unstable they really are. (one of the apostles collapsed when we were in sydney).

we headed back home after this. got back just after the footy kicked off between australia and uruguay. the ozzies had to win to get to germany. went to federation square where there were around 10,000 supporters and a huge screen. when they scored, the atmosphere was incredible. even the english/irish/greek/italians were jumping around.

it went into extra time and penalties, which the ozzies won 4-2. the whole city erupted. you'd think they actually won the world cup. lets hope they meet england in the group stages!


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