Monday, November 14, 2005



This day will live long in the memory for many reasons......

we got on the bus and headed for the school 1st. its actually a language school in real life and is called blackburn school of language. but to us, its erinsbourough high!

we drove past and took some pics, which must have looked quite dodge! after that, we hit the studio, but again, it was only a drive by. didnt see any stars, but saw where they do the lassiters shoots, and the place where scott proposed to charlene.

then, we hit the steet. it was really weird seeing it in real life. its a normal street where normal people live, but they shoot there twice a week. it was a lot smaller than it looks on tv, but aint that always the case!

our guide gave us a little story on each house. we took loads of pics, of all the houses, the street and one with the ramsay street sign. the road is actually called pine oak ct!

my fave house had to be the old robinson house. jim robinson and helen daniels live on!

after the street, we went for a nice bbq. steaks and salad which was pretty nice.

then we went to feed the parots and birds.

before we went home, we went to a sweet shop, where they import english sweets. i bought some dairy milk and tanya got a caramac.......

on the way back to the hostel, we saw the most gruesome sight. some guy was driving along, playing with himself. and he seem to enjoy the fact that we noticed him (and the fact there were about 10 girls on the bus). DIRTY MAN.......

After dinner, we headed to st kilda and a pub called the elephant and wheelbarrow. this is where our neighbours night experience began. there must have been 250 people crammed in to one section on the pub. we sat with some other girls from our hostel ready for the big quiz. they were showing some old episodes of neighbours on a massive screen. one of which was when helen daniels died.....bought a tear to our eyes....

after an our or so, the stars arrived. 1st up was dr Karl. the place went made and lit up with camera flashes. then out came toadie followed by steph. in turn they came round each table and everyone had their pics taken with them. whist this was happening, the quiz was taking place.

1st to visit us was karl. he seemed genuine and friendly, but he was loving the attention! he's a pro at this, as i think he's there every week. toadie was next. again, an old pro, but he was more of a sport....letting people get him in a head lock, and jumping on his back....

then it was steph. quite shy but she was very pretty. once they did the rounds, dr karl got up on stage and played with his band. they werent bad. they played some covers and some of their own stuff. they're touring the UK very soon as well.

I won a heniken cap at the bar as well..... all in all, it was a great experience and a definate must do if you stay in melbourne!


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