Friday, December 02, 2005

walking on ice


a great chance for a lie in today as our walk wasnt til 12.30pm. when the time came, we got kitted up and headed out to the glacier. a bit of a hike before getting to the ice. around 3km in fact. we were knackard from that!

we put on our tallons and then started the climb up the man made steps to the glacier. this thing is huge.... and so pretty. lots of blue colours - caused by the snow being compressed. despite the appearance that you're climbing a vertical wall, it was fairly easy to navigate. there were ropes you could use to help you as well.

we weaved in and out of the glacier, over bridges and through crevises. meanwhile, it was piyring with rain, but it all added to the effect.

after getting quite high up, we stopped for a bite to at and some kodak moments. the view back over the valley was pretty good.

we headed back the same way, and in total spent about 1.5 hours on it, and about 4.5 in total on the experience. by the end of it, we were exhausted but we really enjoyed it. not often you get a chance to walk on a moving glacier


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