Friday, December 16, 2005

bl00dy weather


the plan was to do our sky dive at 8.10am and then leave the rest of the day to do as we please....... but it wasnt to be that way. we tried 3 times to book it but the weather beat us each time. so instead, we hit the thermal pools in the morning.

we went into the private pools 1st, which consisted of warm, hot and hottest water. and they were steaming as well. after trying those out, we went to the main pools which were still pretty warm - around 35 degrees. they had 2 spas as well, but they were a freezing 20 degrees.

after lunch, I beat tanya at scrabble, which meant we got to play mini golf instead of going for coffee. it ended up absolutely pouring it down half way through and we got drenched. we ended up drawing the golf - again/

in the evening, we watched a couple of movies including vanilla sky and joe dirt.


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