Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the little things

So, after Millie scratched the hell out of my hand as a leaving present, we set off to heathrow airport. I have to say that i have never had such a hassle free journey to an airport. there was no traffic, and door to door, it took an hour!!

Once checked in, i mentioned a little email i sent about accessing singapore airway's 1st class lounge at terminal 3. We were then shown the way to where the creme de le creme hang out.

So, here i am, sat with my free beer, free buffet and comfy seat, sending you warm wishes as we await our plane. Hey, this is a classic case of, if you dont ask, you dont get.

No doubt my next blog will come from singapore, where we have a 6 hour wait for our connecting flight. but no worries there. I booked us into the airport hotel, where you have access to all facilities, including a rooftop swimming pool!!


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