Sunday, December 18, 2005

white water rafting


one thing the weather couldnt prevent us doing and thats white water rafting! we were picked up just before it began to pour again. about an hour later, we were all kitted up and learning the moves that would save our lives.

there were 4 in our raft plus the guide. we hit some pretty rough rocks and it was very tiring rowing constantly - and getting the timing right.

there were a couple of calm parts to it but most of the river was rock infested, and overflowing due to all the rain. It was more of a fun experience than anything. woul dhave preferred to do the river with the 7ft drop but it was closed off, due to the stupid weather.

it was a really exhausting day but we decided to go for a walk round in the evening to ease down the dinner. all the streets have drains with steam coming out of them or small puddles of boiling water. its so strange - its almost like the whole place is ready to explode!


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