Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the Future

"Marty", cried Doc, "dont forget you need to get to 88 mph".... that was going through my mind as the plane took off at exactly 188mph.......

So, after an eternity of plane travel, we finally land in OZ next Tuesday.... i think.

I have had 4 hours sleep since waking up on tuesday morning - its now thurs eve!

The flight with Singapore air was hard work, but having leg room seats helped. We were also given a cake and some champange, as i emailed ahead and told them it was our anniversary... the only think we didnt get was a free upgrade!

so we landed in sinapore, and managed to get 2 hours kip in the transit hotel. i didnt manage to get to the swimming pool, but i aim to on the return trip!

We then got the plane to perth, and door to door, it took 3 hours! the queue for customs, security and then the wait for the shuttle bus!

our hotel is great. we have an apartment, with all facilities, and its also part of a hotel, which has all the restuarants and swimming pool stuff you usually get.

we have had a wonder round the town, and purchased an iced coffee, which are a must do in oz. they just dont make them the same back home.

we're kinda walking round like zombies at the moment. we are gonna chill this eve. probably grab something nice to eat and then hit the sack.

got lots planned for the next few days - rotness island, swann valley, fremantle, cottelsoe beach and the open air cinema....

i'll keep you posted!


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