Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zombie Land

Oh my god I NEED SLEEP. It is now Saturday night, and since Tuesday morning, I have had 8 hours sleep in total..... WHY ME! I am just walking around in a daze... We also havent stopped either, which is why i cant understand why i cant sleep. Tanya can sleep like a little baby!!

Its taken us a while to get into the 21st century. Pay as you go mobiles and wireless broadband sticks are a nightmare to organise! We have now been upgraded into the technological era!

So, friday (after 2 hours sleep), saw us take the train to Freo (Freemantle). A quaint little town on the outskirts of Perth. It reminded me very much of Manly in Sydney. Lots of oldie worldie buildings, markets and coffee shops. The afternoon saw us head to cottesloe beach for a sandblast exfoliate. The wind had picked up somewhat!

So there's me, looking to start my tan, when i notice that practically all the men have tanned and tonned shaved chest. Feeling a little insecure, i kept the t-shirt on feeling slightly inadequate with a scrawny hairy chest. Then, as if by magic, two french speaking gals walked past with hairy armpits... well, the shirt came flying off! and let the tanning being!

I thought that an early night would cure any jet lag symptoms... plus the added bonus of herbal medicine to assist sleep! So, to bed i went..... 2 hours later, i was awake and thinking about EVERYTHING!

So today - we took the trip to Rottnest island..... talk about your trains, planes and automobile situation. It tool 3 hours to get there. we spent 4 hours on the island. and then it took another 3 hours to get back. There were some good photo opportunities, but all in all, not the best place we have visited.

The ferry trip back saw a very impressive thunderstorm. This is the 1st time i have seen lightening in the day time!

We had a visit to an outdoor cinema on our return to perth... Unfortinuatley, the storm followed us back and the film was canceled... after a mad rush and expensive taxi's to get there!

Anyway - i have had a bottle of wine to assist my sleep ambitions tonight. PLEASE GOD LET ME SLEEP TONIGHT.

Its a wine tasting tour tomorrow in the swann valley region.... if i am still sane!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How on earth did it take you 3 hrs to get to Rottnest?? The ferry only takes 40mins!!! C x

2:17 pm  

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