Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Well, it is now Tuesday morning. My sleeping pattern is still dodgy, but i am getting slightly more sleep each night.

So, after my 4 hours sleep sat night, we headed off to Swann Valley for a wine tasting tour. The trip was fantastic, and we even learnt something as well!! there was this bloke on our tour, who was an absolute double of a friend of ours - an irish guy called tony. After a few glasses of wine, i worked up the courage to get my picture taken with him, so that i could send it to my friend! i know, i'm a loser!

We purchased some cheese, olives and crackers, and ate them with some wine when we got back to the apartment. pure indulgence!

Monday was us leave perth and head northwards into the unknown. Trying to hire a car was a bit of a nightmare, so we decided to coach it up, using a hop on hop off service.

So, after 6.5 hours, we arrived in a place called Geraldton. This is a small coastal town, with not a lot to do!!

It is however Australia Day on the 26th Jan, so the whole town is closed down and there is loads going on down at the beach. We'll just turn up, and be pretend Ozzies for the day!

there's lots of debate here at the moment about whether the union jack should be removed from their flag.... the funniest thing is, those who want it removed, have no idea what to replace it with..... what would they do without us eh?

The next few days are all about visiting some small towns on the coast, so not sure if there will be much to write, but will keep you posted on any action we may come across!


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