Monday, February 01, 2010

life's a beach

Well, i'm sat here down by the beach in Shark bay writing my blog, and life couldnt be better. We have had a brilliant couple of days here in denham and monkey mia. the journey here was a bit arduous, i can only thank god i'm not driving!

The 1st day in denham, we just milled about... walking the long white sandy beaches and taking in a tan. In fact, someone got a little burnt on the back of their legs, and it wasnt me!

Our chalet overlooks the indian ocean, and is pretty amazing in day light and sunset. We were lazy and decided on take away fish & chips for dinner.

Sunday saw us hire a car and drive across to monkey mia to see the dolphins. they come right up to the shore and are hand fed 3 times in the morning. The moment we arrived, there were 3 dolphins almost on the beach, with about another 8 a little further out.

Tanya was lucky and had the opportunity to feed one of them.... it was called "surprise", but cant remember why?

We then had a bit of a sunbathe, before heading off to see the world's hottest outdoor hot tub. I'm not sure what our expectations were, but i suppose in this heat (mid 30's), i was expecting a cool refreshing hot tub.... but this baby was 44 degrees.... there was no way i was stepping foot in that!

In the evening, we watched murry get beat by Fed... and then pompey getting stuffed by man city! We also had a skype session with my mum and dad back in good old blighty. I took them outside so they could see the indian ocean and the sourrounding area.

Today (monday), we headed off to some local attractions. a beach entirely made up of tiny shells, aptly named shell beach. It was a brilliant white contrast against the clear blue skies!

We then stopped off at a couple of scenic lookouts (of which there are many). We saw some lemon sharks from a distance, swimming around the bay.

we then went to an ocean park (a small version of the sealife centre), where we saw some sharks being fed up close. they were pretty ruthless. we saw lots of different fish, turtles, rays and squids..

we then finished the tour, with an iced coffee and a huge cheesecake!!

so now, we are sat at the beach, just killing time until our coach journey up to carnavron. We have had 2 brilliant days here, and you will see from the pics, seen some amazing beaches and scenery.


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