Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snags on the Barbie!!

G'day. well, Australia day went down very well. We spent the day down at the foreshore, and got involved in all the activities. We even kayaked without using any oars....

We also spent some of the time on the beach, and as a result, got a little burnt. You can clearly spot us now as tourists! we're the red people!

The firework display in the evening was pretty amazing, with about 30 mins of fireworks and a fantastic finale. Not sure why we cant celebrate St George's day in a similar manor. Every ozzie was draped in the flag, face painted or wearing patriotic clothing. I cant believe more brits celebrate St Paddy's day than St Georges!

Today, we headed back down to Jurien Bay. we hired a car and made our way south. It took around 2 hours and was the most boring drive ever! Long straight roads.

We have a deluxe chalet in a caravan tourist park, and its brand new. you can even smell the paint on the walls.....

We bought some food in and made use of the BBQ facilities. They have metal plate bbqs here, and i didnt buy any cooking oil to cook the meat with.. so i had to humbly walk up to some locals, and sheepishly ask for some cooking oil.... with the excuse of... in england, we only have coal bbqs, and am not used to cooking this way! what a pillock!

We have managed to watch a lot of tennis over here, with the open now being played. Tanya is getting into it a little bit, but she still hasnt worked out the scoring yet. only a little annoying to explain each time a point/game/set or match is won!!

Off to the Pinnacles tomorrow.


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